The release of the prisoner Hafeth Bornat

Israeli occupation forces released this afternoon the prisoner Hafeth Bornat from the village of Bil’in, after the end of his sentence nine-year stint in the prisons of the occupation. Note that it have been delayed his release for a week, where he was supposed to have been released in 02/04/2011, It is part of the occupation policy to undermine the resolve and morale of the prisoners and their families and put them under stress. The prisoner was received at the entrance of Ofer prison along with his family and a large crowd of villagers and citizens, they rising Palestinian flags ,flags of the Fatah movement and banners of the prisoner Marwan Barghouti. They chanted slogans demanding liberalization of all prisoners and end the occupation, and then they gone towards to the tomb of the martyr leader Yasser Arafat, where the status of a prisoner wreath of flowers at the tomb of the martyr, and they read al FATEHA , then the liberated prisoner procession returned back to the village of bil’in.


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