On the anniversary of the Al Naksa one journalist was wounded in addition to dozens of cases of asphyxiation from gas in Bil’in.

Friday 06/03/2011 


Today a correspondent from Iranian TV and Watan TV was wounded in the weekly march in Bil’in organized by the Popular Committee Against the Wall. Dozens of Palestinians participated on the 44th anniversary of the Al Naksa. Dozens suffered from the effects of tear gas fired by Israeli soldiers as well as the injuring of a journalist. Dozens of residents of Bil’in were joined by international and Israeli activists. The march began in the center of the village after Friday prayers. In the area above the wall, demonstrators raised two large Palestinian maps . The first map had a 63 written on it representing the years of the Nakba, and another had a 44 written representing the years of the Al Naksa. The participants raised Palestinian flags and pictures of the imprisoned Fatah leader Marwan Barghouti. Participants changed nationalist slogans in favor of the right of return and calling for an end to the occupation. At the eastern gate of the wall Israeli soldiers fired a barrage of tear gas. They also sprayed ‘stink’ water, which is water treated with chemicals that gives it a foul smell which cannot be removed from people’s clothing. Among those injured was Khaled Mansra, who is a correspondent for Iranian TV and the Watan TV channel. He was hit in the leg by a tear gas canister and had to be treated to an ambulance crew. Participants of the demonstration were able to access areas of the wall and they succeeded in destroying tens of meters of the electronic fence. The soldiers also fired tear gas into the olive groves with the intent of setting fire to them. This led to the burning of many of the olive trees.


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