A citizen was injured inaddition to dozens of cases of asphyxia due to inhaling poisonous gas inBil’in’s weekly demonstration.

Friday 17-6-2011 – Rani Burnat (30 years old) wasinjured in the left shoulder by tear gas canister and dozens of demonstratorssuffocated after inhaling large quantities of poison gas launched by Israelisoldiers at them. When they arrived to the area near the wall the soldiersfired a large amount of tear gas, sounds bombs, and rubber bullets in anattempt to quell the march. They also sprayed the demonstrators with skunk andwaste water . Participating in march organized by the Popular Committee Against the Wall andsettlements in Bil’in, and the movement of the national initiative in the sixthanniversary of its founding, were dozens of residents of Bil’in village andneighboring villages.

There were also a number of leaders and supporters of theNational Initiative, in addition to dozens of Israelis and foreign activistsand the director James Seamus. The march began after Friday prayers in front ofBil’in’s mosque and moved towards the area of land owned by villagers thatsurrounds the seperation wall. The participants raised Palestinian flags and banners of the National Initiative,and banners painted with images of commander Marwan Barghouti.

They chantednational slogans and demanded an end to the occupation in all its forms andmanifestations. Israeli soldiers fired tear gas towards the olive groves intending to burn thetrees, but fortunately the demonstrators put out the fires in time.





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