Israeli army begins to remove the apartheid wall in Bil’in

21/6/2011 Bil’in – Ramallah: Israeli occupation forces began on Tuesday to dismantle the separation wall racial in the village of Bil’in west of Ramallah, note that this wall is composed of three barriers “fence” of barbed wire, where he began dismantling the fence on the western side of the first, presumably to complete the dismantling and demolition of the wall in full until mid-July next month , and came resolution as a result of popular resistance continued in the village of Bil’in in more than six years weekly, and on the decision of what is called the Israeli Supreme Court on 4/9/2007 .

That this wall is illegal and illegal, to recover to the village of Bil’in 1200 dunums out of 2300 dunums, note that the total area of ​​the village of Bil’in is 4000 dunums.

For more information see:
Dr. Rateb Abu Rahmah – media coordinator of the Popular Committee Against the Wall and settlement \ Bil’in 0597117673



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