The day of victory: Bil’in celebrates the removal of the wall

Friday 1-7-2011 The day of victory: Bil’in celebrates the removal of the wall

For the first time after nearly seven years of resistance and struggle of the residents of Bil’in, the people of the village and a large number of participants from neighboring villages could hold the Friday prayer on the land that has been retrieved 2 days ago. Also many Palestinian leaders, including: Abbas Zaki, member of the Central Committee of Fatah, Qais Abu Laila, member of the Democratic Front, Hisham Abu Raya, member of the Palestinian Liberation Front, Fadwa Barghouti, member of the Revolutionary Council of Fatah and many of the leaders and supporters of the Palestinian national movement, as well as dozens of international activists and Israelis joined the celebration. The Sheik spoke the Friday prayer and held a speech for the brave people of Bil’in, praising the strength of their will and their attachment to their land, shown by their resistance to the occupation army. He added that the land can only be retrieved through resistance, patience and faith in the complete victory.

He also praised the foreign assistance and continuous support for the Palestinian cause. After the prayer, the participants in the march went to have a huge celebration in the natural reserve of Abu Lemon, waving Palestinian flags and banners of the various factions, and singing national songs to express their joy about the victory and the big dream to end the occupation of all Palestinian territories. In a speech, Abbas Zaki, member of the Central Committee of the Fatah movement encouraged the people of Bil’in and praised their heroic struggle during the past seven years. This victory was the result of the sacrifices made by the people of Bil’in, he said.

 After they reached the protected area, they built the first house there after the removal of the wall. After many years of not seeing any big groups of Palestinians so close to their residence, the inhabitants of the nearby illegal settlement were watching the celebration and the building of the first house with great attention and surprise. The people of Bil’in are now planning to built more houses, in order to protect the land from the greed of the occupation and the settlers.


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