On the fourth Friday of Ramadan, dozens of cases of suffocation in the weekly march in Bil’in

Despite hot weather and the fasting of the holy month of Ramadan, dozens of cases of asphyxiation from tear gas observed in the weekly march organized by the Popular Committee against the Wall and settlements in Bil’in.

The march began from the center of the village towards the area adjacent to the apartheid wall. The march included participation of residents from Bil’in, Israeli and foreigner peace activists. Participants raised Palestinian flags and they chanted slogans calling for the demolition of the apartheid wall , liberation of Palestinian political prisoners and ending the occupation .

Upon the arrival of participants to Abo laimon area, the Israeli occupation soldiers(IOF) who situated behind the concrete wall started shooting tear gas, rubber bullets, also they sprayed skunk water mixed with chemicals towards demonstrators which led to suffocation cases between the demonstrators from inhaling tear gas, all of

them were treated on the field . On the other hand the young men threw stones at Israeli soldiers.

Iyad Burnat


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