Conferences on Multilingualism 2017 – an overview

Conferences on Multilingualism 2017


6-7 May 2017Workshop on multilingual langage acquisition processing and use“, Poznan,Poland. Info:

8-10 May 2017Speaking in a foreign language: from controlled production to spontaneous communication“, Konin, Poland. Info:

11-13 May 2017International conference on Multilingualism and multilingual education“, Braga Minho, Portugal. Info:

18-20 May 201729th international conference on foreign/second language acquisition (ICFSLA 2017 theme: The impact of learning environments on second language acquisition and foreign language learning)“, Szczyrk, Poland. Info:

29-31 May 2017Challenges of Psycholiguistics and Psychology od lanuage and speech“, Lutsk-Svityaz, Ukraine. Info:

11-15 June 201711th International Symposium on Bilingualism“, Limerick, Ireland. Info:

15-17 June 201711th Conference of the International Association for Research in L1 Education“, Tallinn, Estonia. Info:

19-20 June 2017Bilingualism vs. monolingualism. A new perspective on limitations to L2 acquisition“, Toulouse, France. Info:

29-30 June 2017Convegno internazionale Autour du passif en italien et dans d’autres langues“, Duino-Aurisina, Italy. Info:

16-21 July 2017CMC pragmatics in L2 discourse – Session of the 15th Intl pragmatics conference“, Belfast, Northern Ireland. Info:

7-9 September 201713th Generative Approaches to Language Acquisition” Palma, Spaine. Info:

10-13 September 2017Modelling the acquisition of foreign language speech“, Zurich, Switzerland. Info:

16-18 November 2017Third Silesian meeting of young scholars and second young researchers international symposium on multilingualism“, Szczyrk, Poland. Info:


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